Due Diligence

We undertake various steps to determine if a rehab project would produce enough increase in value after improvements. We conduct a thorough analysis that includes, but is not limited to appraisals, price opinions from our team of real estate agents, comparable sale and rent analysis, multiple assessments of improvements required, estimates and proposals from contractors. We factor in expected hold times and steps to mitigate holding costs such as temporary rentals.

Following is a list of due diligence analysis we undertake--

- Property information, photos,

- Project timeline and budget.

- Cost analysis- required rehab, value-added updates, identify possible cost over-runs.

- Contractor estimates, architectural plans.

- Title and lien reports.

- Analysis of legal, litigation or liability issues and remedies.

- Comparables, market and neighborhood analysis.

- Property appraisal and price opinions.

- Financial information analysis.

- Project management and communication.

Our terms are transparent and we provide due diligence information to our investors. We also provide
information to our investors on the project as it develops.