How Investing works

step11. Contact Us

Interested in more information? Use the form on the right, call 201-472-3554, or email Kanishk at

2. View and Choose Curated, Pre-Vetted Projects

Build your portfolio from our curated, pre-screened Real Estate projects. Visit this website for new opportunities, look for our email newsletters, or contact us when you are ready to invest.

4. Transfer Funds

Pay for your investment via automatic bank draft or wire. Transfer your funds via ACH and third party secure escrow service. Accounts are secured by bank-level security measures and your investment information is stored on PCI-compliant, encrypted storage systems


5. Earn up to 12%, Receive Monthly Distributions, and Monitor the Progress of Your Projects.

Every month you receive a distribution directly into your account. We'll send status updates via email and your account's notices section as investments progress.

6. Withdraw Funds or Re-Invest!

The Borrower completes the project and completes repayment of the loan along with any outstanding interest due. You are free to withdraw any remaining funds in your account or re-invest them. Lastly, you can download tax documents, your investment agreements and other files electronically.